Concealed Carry Permit (CCP) in the State of Florida (as of March 2006)

If you are planning to obtain a concealed carry permit and to carry a potentially lethal device on a regular basis, this program is for you.  What follows are some key points that are wise-to-consider before grabbing your piece and out the door.  For starters, the Florida statute is

Check here to locate the growing number of other states that honor your Florida CCP.

Our state legislature has been generally supportive of LAW-ABIDING US CITIZENS exercising their US Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  Everyone planning to carry such a device should seek competent, professional advice and training for that device FIRST before undertaking such an action.

This is a far more complex topic than can be adequately covered in one article or in a short period of time.  Often one focuses on "getting the permit" when, in fact, "getting educated and trained" is the better first position.

The decision to carry ANY device meant to do bodily harm to another should be made carefully and to do so is a LARGE RESPONSIBILITY.

All too often, one is tempted to use force well before it is appropriate.  By the same token, the decision to use force to protect self and family cannot be delayed when it is necessary.  Thus is described one of many important issues associated with packin'.

It is ESSENTIAL that if you plan to conceal carry deadly force that you READ all you can on this LARGE responsibility – there are MANY things you need to know BEFORE carrying a potentially lethal device, especially firearms.  For example, make sure you know (1) WHEN such force may be legally used and (2) WHERE lethal devices - like handguns - may NOT be carried . . . some will surprise you.

The current debate in the Florida legislature btw business owners and right-to-carry advocate groups represents one example of the differences within our society - and potentially in the minds of jurors who may be deciding your case – whether criminal or civil.

It is therefore recommended that everyone take a “Concealed Carry” class as soon as possible . . . offers a wide variety of Basic courses that are firearm-specific to satisfy the state licensing requirements and several courses at various levels to expand on your skills.

also see "Florida Gun Law" button for the state law on purchase, ownership and transport of firearms.  Check here for other states that honor your Florida CCP.

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