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1. WHAT IS ?  You have found the premier firearms training organization in Central Florida devoted to conducting NRA firearms instruction and programs.  As an employee-owned training organization, we only succeed when you do.  Our corporate vision is to provide quality, cost-effective, safe firearms training to law-abiding US citizens for sport and competitive shooting with our NRA-certified professional instructor staff.

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The following courses are offered on a regular basis - select the ones right for you.

PISTOL - Concealed Carry, Basic, Advanced, Home Firearm Safety, and Venturing scout programs are available.

- The premier IN-HOME course designed for family protection and the new Personal Protection OUTSIDE the Home. This course is intended for Concealed Carry Permit [CCP] holders and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for CCP applicants.

WOMEN & YOUTH - tailored to YOUR needs, skill level, and time available; Women-Only is TAUGHT BY WOMEN-ONLY FOR WOMEN.

RIFLE - Basic, Small Bore .22s, High-Power, and boys & girls youth/Boy Scout Merit Badge & Sea Scout programs.

SHOTGUN - Basic, Sporting Clays, and boys & girls youth/Boy Scout Merit Badge programs.


All-NRA Staff.  Our fully trained staff of NRA-Certified firearms instructors is committed to your complete satisfaction and growth in gun handling proficiency.

Student-Focused Programs.  All instruction is the highest-quality and conducted in a professional atmosphere without the ego-driven style found elsewhere.

All Materials Provided.  You receive ALL instructional materials necessary to successfully complete the course.  If you do not have personal gear, like ear & ear protection, we have that for you to use too.

Safety First.  Courses offered by emphasize SAFETY as Job #1, so you can be assured that all NRA Safe Gun Handling Rules are followed and reinforced during all aspects of instruction and proficiency drills.

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